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Budapest Tour: Synagogues

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Synagogue in Budapest which will be visited during a private tour by Julius Palacinka


It is a recurring theme on many pages on the "Szia Budapest" websites: The Jewish influence on the development of Budapest in the period from about 1895 to 1940. This effect was large, very large and without this influence Budapest wouldn't have become the city as it is today. Relatively seen the number of Jewish inhabitants was only about. 20% of the total population of Budapest.

The size of the Jewish community also brought with it that many prayer-houses or synagogues were needed. Often these prayer-houses were located in courtyards of apartments buildings or in the apartments, so mostly simple buildings and there were also services held in community centers or on the street. However, there were also a number of 'real' synagogues on various places in the old city and in the till 1950 independent villages which now belong to the city Budapest. After the Second World War, several of these synagogues lost their function, but are still recognizable as a synagogue. (Photo: one of the synagogues that you will see during this tour)

What you get to see

During this tour you will see nine synagogues and similar prayer-houses in Budapest which still are recognizable as such. Several of them it are no longer in use as a prayer-house. You are able to view a beautiful synagogue designed by the architect Baumhorn-Lipot, who has made designs for at least 40 synagogues in Hungary. You will see a magnificent synagogue designed by Richard Schöntheil, the Orthodox synagogue designed by Béla and Sándor Löffler and much more.

Relief in memory of the Holocaust on the wall around one of synagogues in Budapest shown by Julius during the Private Synagogues tour
Relief in memory of the Holocaust on the wall around one of synagogues that you will visit

You also will discover that there are a lot more Jewish orientated neighborhoods in Budapest than the official Jewish Quarter. During the tour we make frequently use of public transport because some of the synagogues are rather far away from the city center. If you wish, if possible in terms of time, the tour can be extended with a (short) walk on the Kozma utca Jewish cemetery, where you can view the beautiful monument in remembrance of the architect Baumhorn-Lipot. The synagogues visited during this tour can only be viewed from the outside.


The tour takes about 4 hours. The time is not exact to plan because we make frequent use of public transport. During this tour it is possible to pause and to drink something.

one of the synagogues shown during the private tour by Julius along Synagogues in Budapest
One of the synagogues that you will see during this private tour


1-2 participants: €40
3-4 participants: €50
5-6 participants: €60

Note!.... In Julius' opinion it's important that in principle everyone should be able to follow a private tour. The transfer of knowledge is more important to him than become rich (I don't need a Ferrari, a Trabant is already enough and beside I don't have a drivers license...). Therefore, students studying anywhere in the world, and with a valid student card, get a discount of 50% on the prices listed above. In addition, children under the age of 16 accompanied by a parent or parents don't have to pay for a private tour. Beside: the prices Budapest Tour asks are already among the lowest private guides ask at internet.

Note! take also notice of the conditions / rules on the page "The small print".


Suitable for disabled people?

Unfortunately, this tour is not suitable for disabled people, particularly wheelchair users and people with mobility problems, because the transport that be used during this tour is inappropriate for them. In agreement, a minivan can be hired. For people with a stoma, the tour is no problem, plenty of toilets are on the road. Furthermore, a reasonable condition is recommended because you need to walk several kilometers. Other physical disabilities: ask your guide Julius.

Grave monument for the architect Baumhorn-Lipot on the Kozma utca Jewish cemetery in Budapest
Grave monument for the architect Baumhorn-Lipot on the Kozma utca Jewish cemetery in Budapest

Interested? Book this private tour!

If you want to make a booking for this private tour.......then use the contactform on this website. Fill in the date and at what time you want this private tour. Within 24 hours Julius will sent you an e-mail if your request is possible. If you already stay in Budapest: use the phonenumber (+36) 30-7321269 for a reservation.

(Last modification: December 11, 2013)

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Weather vane on a synagogue in Budapest
Weather vane on one of the synagogues which you will see during this tour

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