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Budapest Private Tours: 2014 Overview

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Architectural tours (click on a digit)

ornamentation that can be find on one of the most beautiful Art Nouveau buildings in district VII. of Budapest 00) Early Art Nouveau 1897-1905
01) Ödön Lechner - designed buildings 1893-1914
02) Amsterdam School influences
03) Bauhaus and New objectivity architecture
04) Garden cities - Wekerle and more
05) The use of Zsolnay ceramics in the architecture
06) Mosaic tableaux
07) Socialist Realism (Communist art)

Jewish Budapest tours
08) Jewish quarters
09) Kozma utca - the most important Jewish cemetery
10) Synagogues in Budapest

Other tours
11) 10-11 different types of transport
12) Graffiti Art
13) Graffiti tours around the Sziget festival
14) Visiting a district
15) Thematical tours

Nature walks
16) Enjoyment on a high altitude
17) Up and under the hill
18) Though for your calf muscles
19)  The battle of the titans
20) U wordt niet met een kluitje in het riet gestuurd

Tours for (big) groups
21) New in 2014!: Tours for groups (individual or companies)


to bring something of the enthusiasm of Julius about Budapest over on you and show what else in town is to see and to experience outside the standard sights, there are several private tours developed which partial also on the other "Szia Budapest" websites are described.

Customization plays a big role at both the standard private tours as the private tours which will be developed on request, both for individuals as groups. The number of participants on the tours varies from 1 to cca. 20 men and/or women.

You also can hire Julius for other things if you are staying in Budapest or when you intend to visit the town. For example if you are looking for some stores which for instance have (old) toys. On this page the overview of standard private tours. By clicking on a title or image you'll get more detailed information. (Photo above: part of the ornamentation on the former Art Nouveau toy store from 1908 in district VII. of Budapest)

Architectural tours

Art Nouveau ornamentation on one of the oldest buildings in Budapest in this style

Early Art Nouveau 1897-1905

Art Nouveau came into fashion in Budapest just as the Millennium Celebrations were organized and was used in various forms between 1896 and 1914. Ödön Lechner was very important for the acceptance of this new architectural style, but others like Frigyes Spiegel and Emil Vidor were equally important.

During this tour you will see a number of special buildings from the period 1896-1905 designed by other architects than Ödön Lechner and in a style which is to classify as more western / Viennese. You will see houses with fully decorated facades or facades with a combination of Art Nouveau and Neo-styles. (Photo: part of the ornamentation on the facade of one of the eldest Art Nouveau buildings in Budapest)

Tile in a by Ödön Lechner designed school in Budapest

Ödön Lechner - designed buildings 1893-1914

Private tour dedicated to Ödön Lechner (1845-1914) one of the most important architects in Budapest around 1900. By some called the "Hungarian Gaudi", because of his desire for innovation. Also inspirator for many architects, such as Béla Lajta.

This tour shows you at most 11 buildings built between approx. 1893 and 1915, designed by Ödön Lechner mostly in collaboration with other architects. The tour is mainly on the Pest side of the Danube. One building is located on the Buda side of the city. (Photo: tile in the floor of the entrance hall of the last building designed by Ödön Lechner)

Amsterdams School influences in Budapest

Amsterdam School influences

In the first half of the 20th century there were many contacts between Hungarian and Dutch artists and architects. And many Hungarian architects who visited the Netherlands, incorporated influences of Dutch architecture in the design of their buildings in Budapest. As a result, several buildings designed around 1930 in Budapest have influences of, in particular, the Amsterdam School. But also a church with obvious influences by the Dutch architect Dudok can be found in Budapest.

This private tour shows you a couple of these buildings which are located throughout the city and beside (if there's time) you'll visit a street that for some years has been named to a Dutch Queen as a homage for helping the Hungarian children in the first half of the 20s. (Photo: one of the buildings in Budapest with Amsterdam School style influences)

Bauhaus villa from 1931 in Budapest

Bauhaus and New objectivity architecture

Budapest is very rich on Bauhaus and New Objectivity architecture, so buildings of the late 20s and 30s (and also 40s in Budapest). After the Art Nouveau period it is the other booming period in the architecture of Budapest with hundreds of buildings in this style.

The basis of this tour is to visit two places in Budapest that in an excellent way shows you the Bauhaus and New Objectivity architecture in Budapest. During this tour you will see both apartment complexes as villas and other buildings in this architectural style. (Photo: Bauhaus villa in the outskirts of Budapest)

Wekerle garden city in Budapest: tile after a design by Károly Kós

Garden cities - Wekerle and more

Wekerle is the most important garden city in Budapest. Although from originating a garden city was supposed to be realized in the country, this principle / idea was in the first quarter of the 20th century also used in the development of new districts, such as in Budapest. Wekerle was built between 1909 and 1926 and has a geometric street plan. The central square was partly designed by the architect Károly Kós.

This private tour will take you for a walk in this unique piece in Budapest and in addition we also visit another relatively little known garden city in Budapest, but a visit more than worthwhile. (Photo: tile with a design after Károly Kós, which you'll see during this tour, together with other tiles made after designs by Károly Kós)

Árkád bazár in Budapest

The use of Zsolnay ceramics in the architecture

The Hungarian Zsolnay factory at Pécs, known for its beautiful ceramics, vases, statues, etc., played around 1900 an important role in the architecture of numerous buildings. Ödön Lechner used to include Zsolnay products in one of his finest creations: the Museum of Applied Arts (Iparműveszeti Múzeum). In applying these products on the walls and roofs of buildings you can think of glazed roofs, tiles and other wall decorations. At least 150 buildings in Budapest can be found where is made use of Zsolnay products.

The tour that you get, shows you about 15 interesting buildings in Pest. In particular designed in the late 19th and early 20th century and where (as in the picture) Zsolnay products are used to enliven the building. (Photo: detail of the Zsolnay art on the facade of the Árkád-bázar, a former toy store)

part of a mosaic tableaux from 1912 on the facade of a school in Budapest

Mosaic tableaux

Mosaic tableaux: there are more than you'll notice at the first glance when you walk in Budapest. Often to find high on a facade of a building and therefore you will, without having the knowledge of their presence, walk along without seeing them.

Despite the fact that it's a (very) specialized technique which costs much work, time and money, there are still dozens of mosaic artworks in Budapest to find. These tableaux are of great beauty and therefore a private tour more then worth. And because Szia Budapest want to show you art which many people do not notice, a private tour that fits into the program. (Photo: part of a mosaic tableaux made in 1912 and to find in the facade of a school in Budapest)

Socialist Realist ceramic tableaux in Budapest

Socialist Realism (Communist art)

No, the Memento Park is not the only remnant regarding to Socialist Realistic (Communist) Art in Budapest. the city has dozens of forms of this art form to include the facades of buildings from the mid 50s.

This tour, which be given in 3 different forms, shows examples of the Hungarian version of Socialist Realist Art in Budapest. You see, depending on which tour you choose, reliefs, mosaics, sgraffitoi and statues. During all tours, we extensively make use of the public transport because the locations are located in the suburbs of Budapest. (Photo: Socialist Realist ceramic tableaux on the facade of a flat in the south of Budapest)

Jewish Budapest tours

Jewish influences in Budapest

Jewish quarters

The Jewish Quarter? That doesn't exist in Budapest ... District VII. so be called but the Jewish population of Budapest was too huge for only one Jewish Quarter. In every district of the city are namely Jewish influences to perceive and there lived many Jewish residents of the city .

During this tour your guide Julius shows you 3 of such districts. You learns to recognize buildings designed by Jewish architects, you'll see how the modern Jewish population of Budapest was. You see the wealth that many Jewish owners of property shows to others, although that was not common. We will walk a lot during this tour, So good (hiking) shoes are recommended, stiletto heels are less suitable.

Béla Lajta design on the Kozma utca Jewish cemetery in Budapest

Kozma utca - the most important Jewish cemetery

A private tour to the outskirts of Budapest where on the largest Jewish cemetery in the city beautiful (albeit lapsed) crypts and other monuments can be viewed. The focus of this private tour is on the grave monuments built in the period from about 1900 - 1920, from which several has the most beautiful mosaics.

But you'll also see tombs that you won't see soon elsewhere on a Jewish cemetery, such as graves with a miniature car on it or graves with statues of people. The very impressive Holocaust memorial will (obviously) be visited too. (Photo: the signature of Béla Lajta - Leitersdorfer - on a tomb which he has designed on the Kozma utca Jewish cemetery)

Synagogue in Budapest

Synagogues in Budapest

Until the tragedy began, especially in 1944, by which a huge part of the Jewish inhabitants of Budapest were murdered, the city had a huge vibrant Jewish population. This also had as consequence that the Jewish inhabitants needed many prayer-houses and synagogues, and between 1885 and 1930 several new synagogues were built. After the Second World War some of these buildings lost their function, but they are still recognizable as such.

During this tour you will see, from the outside, nine of those synagogues, designed by e.g. Baumhorn-Lipot and Richard Schöntheil, and which are located throughout the whole city. (Photo: synagogue which is not in use anymore and designed by the architect Baumhorn-Lipot)

Other private tours

The Children train in Budapest

10-11 different types of (public) transport

The public transport in Budapest is (very) good, and all neighborhoods of the city frequently can be reached with the public transport. Uniquely, the city has so many types of transport.

This tour will introduce you to a maximum of 10 (11 is also possible) types of transport, most public. But you'll also use a chairlift and a narrow gauge train. The tour primarily takes place on the Buda side of the Danube and there are several possibilities for additional trips. The tour is only possible for a part of the year, because not all transport is in operation during the whole year. (Photo: on the Children railway sometimes a steam locomotive be used)

Graffiti Art in Budapest

Graffiti Art

Graffiti can be Art, see the picture left which until early April 2011 in Budapest was to find and which was created by the artist Taker.

This literally and figuratively adventurously tour brings you to different locations in Budapest such as "The Wall of Fame". And, currently, also to a dilapidated factory complex where many beautiful examples of Graffiti Art can be viewed. The route and which locations will be visited, will be determined just before the tour starts. Because the Graffiti Art often change it is always a surprise, also for your guide, what will be found during this private tour!

Graffiti Art in Budapest

Graffiti tours around the Sziget festival

The Graffiti tour is one of the most creative tours which "Budapest Tour" organizes.

Because this form of art mainly attracts young people, special tours be held around the annual Sziget Festival. No private tours, but daily two tours for up to 6 people per tour. There are a number of fixed routes so if someone is excited, he or she also can join a second time. Because young people / students don't have so much money, a reduced price be applied : € 7.50 per person if 1-3 people join the tour and €5 per person if the number of participants is higher than 3.

1935 bulding in the XIII. district of Budapest

Visiting a district

Julius is able to give private tours in many districts of Budapest.These private tours show you beautiful buildings, facade ornamentations, statues and so on. Beside of it you'll get faced with the life in a neighborhood and you will see that not every part of the city is as clean as the tourist center.


Julius also offers thematic tours. For example: a private tour to view school buildings from the early 20th century with do have special wall decorations such as sculptures, mosaics and plaques. But even walks along antique shops or shops with old-fashioned toys are possible. If you have a wish for such a tour... then use the contactform Julius. (Photo: part of an artwork made by the Hungarian sculptress Margit Kovács in 1946)

Nature walks

Walk in the nature and hills of Budapest. A - Budapest Tour

The nature and hills of Budapest

Budapest is not only interesting as a city, also the nature is splendid and especially in the hills of Budapest are several natural reserves. The Sas-hegy is such an example, but there are, especially for tourists, areas which are both unknown and even more beautiful.

The four different tours / hikes that are developed show you such areas. During one of the walks, you will get on a height of 495 meters a breathtaking view over Budapest and its surroundings. One area where also wild boars are living. When your guide Julius for the first time walked around in this neighborhood, he immediately saw this due to the churned ground. Something you instantly recognize when you for example walk on the Veluwe in the Netherlands. With clear weather you can, among others, see the mountains on the border of Hungary and Slovakia. (Photo: the sign that indicates that the hills are a protected area)

The basic walk is already a (very) tough hike that requires a good physical condition because you sometimes walk steeply up or down on forest trails with rocks. The tour will be given in four variants which differ in time, length of the walk and heaviness:
* Enjoyment on a high altitude: the basic walk which lasts approx. 3.5 hours;
* Up and under the hill: the basic walk extended with a visit to one of the caves in Budapest. Duration: approx. 4.5 hours;
* Though for your calf muscles: an extended version of the basic walk with a duration of approx. 6 hours;
* The battle of the Titans: the basic walk extended with an extra walk over three other hills and with a length of approx. 15 kilometers. A day tour.

The other nature areas of Budapest

Budapest is not only interesting as a town also the nature is a visit more then worth. The above described tours / walks take place in the hills of Budapest. But, Budapest also has even much more worthwhile areas, especially for bird and plant lovers. These areas also knows your guide now very good, he visited them many times. For this purpose  "Budapest tour" has compiled this walk:

U wordt niet met een kluitje in het riet gestuurd: No hike through the hills of Budapest, but a visit to one or more areas that are a combination of swamp, reed beds, water, forest and agricultural landscape. Especially for bird lovers a very interesting combination.

The Dutch title covers the content: Because you will not be fobbed off with a nice story, but really will visit a very interesting piece of landscape. Wildlife, especially deers, be present in huge numbers, but especially the bird population is special: Water Rail, Hops, Golden Oriole, Nightingale, Pouch Tit, Bittern, many species of sedge warblers, the hen harrier .... they are all present in this area. And it is only a selection! The plant world is also a visit more then worth with several species of orchids which bloom during a part of the year.

Groups Tours

Ornamentation on one of the most special Art Nouveau buildings in district VII. of Budapest

Groups (individuals and companies)

Good experiences in 2013 with several bigger groups have led to the fact that in the 2014 schedule of Budapest Tours also tours are available for groups till, in principle, 20 men and or women. Hereby are several possibilities: for instance a group split into two parts so that spread over two day parts, two tours be given with a communal lunch in between.

There are also tours available which are suitable for the entire group. You can think of a walk through the hills of Budapest, or a bike ride in the northern part of Buadpest with a visit to the Margit sziget, or Budapest with 10-11 different kind of (public) transport. This page also shows what Budapest Tour also can do for groups, such as making a reservation for a restaurant, hotel or booking a concert. This is also possible without booking a tour. (Photo: ornamentation from 1908 on one of the most rare Art Nouveau buildings in district VII. of Budapest)

The Small Print - conditions and prices

On this page you will find the conditions/rules for the private tours.

GehandicaptNote for disabled persons

Unfortunately, all tours in their present form are not suitable for disabled persons, particularly wheelchair users. The kind of transportation and other problems related to the infrastructure of the city, make that impossible. Yet, in modified form, by renting a wheelchair van, at least a few things for disabled people are possible to view, but it is no ideal situation. 

Price policy - Julius' philosophy

Julius tries to keep the private tours in price as accessible as possible (the prices range from €40 to €60 depending on the number of participants) for a private tour. Surfing the web, you can see that the prices which "Budapest Tour" counts for the private tours, are (very) low compared with others guides.

Yet cheap doesn't mean rubbish: the knowledge of Julius about Budapest is huge and you will never get a standard story. You'll get in a relaxed way a private tour during which you say when you want to rest or what to drink. Julius adapts himself to your pace and wishes and will the tour therefore last half an hour longer, then that's no problem.

But it can happen that the prices Julius asks for some people, especially students, are too high. In that case:do not hesitate to use the contactform. Beside: students who study anywhere in the world and in possession of a valid student card, get 50% discount on the normal prices for the private tours.

For families Julius applies the rule that the parent or parents pay but that children up to the age of 16 years can join for free.

The aim is in fact not to become rich in terms of money but rich in terms of experiences, the transfer of knowledge to others and showing Budapest on a way that is not described in the guidebooks.

(Last modification: December 22, 2013)

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